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Get to Know John

“There’s so much good in all of us. The best we can do is to help each other bring it out.”
– George R. R. Martin.



Glass half empty, half full?
Half-empty cause we are closer to the goal!

Night on town or night at home?
Home, no last call when home.

Black or cream?
Who drinks coffee???

Go to party trick?

One superpower to pick?
Super strength, I’m already known as Superman May as well be true.

Cats or dogs?
Cow, I don’t like eating pets…

Johnny Cash, or Elvis?
Johnny of course. Everyone loves a man in black.

Is a hotdog a sandwich?
Umm, what?

European or Asian dragon?
European. What kind of dragon doesn’t fly? A snake!

Stark or Targaryen?
Targaryen, “Blood and fire” sounds a lot better than “winter is coming.”