Getting to Know You

Outward mindset, broad focus on our customer understanding the internal and market dynamics, strategic goals, level of desired client engagement, and the need for operational excellence.


Fully Understand Our Customers’ DNA

Strengths, barriers, areas for improvement, technology, competition, industry. What makes them a green apple among the red?


Develop a Plan

Laying out a design concept to improve our client’s business, based on a human-centered process.


Present, Review, Adjust

Share our creation with our client, listen for feedback, and make adjustments.


Present a Prescriptive Plan

Layout in design form with containing space plan, 3D models, and renderings to bring our client over the top performance.


Budget Fulfillment

What are the costs associated with fulfilling their goals.


Set Timelines and Implementation

Covers a wide range of values from “change management” to “ready to move” covers the process from old to new, preparing for the future.  Includes dates, times, events, and responsibilities.  


Place the Order

Getting the factories  and installation crews ready to create the dream.


Installation and Preparation for Move in

Physically place the products in place and preparing the space for move in.


Continual Engagement

Never leaving our clients side.  Ensuring the solution is a lasting, working environment that performs to achieve operational excellence.