We define service as providing whatever our client needs to help their company achieve operational excellence.

Services Defined

Customer-Centered Interior Design Solutions:

Out design team is required to be NCIDQ certified to develop encompassing solutions, space planning, concept layouts, finish selection, rendering and 3D models, including building models.  Product selection, accessories, and artwork.  Anything that has to do with the interior space.

CET Imaging and Design:

Software that allows the client to fully understand the prescriptive design offered for their unique needs.

Change Management:

Preparing the client for their new environment, so they hit the ground running with the full team on board.  Making the dream come true.

Move Management:

Complete planning and design to take the client from one space to the next.  Moving furniture, technology, and personnel items.  Timelines and steps that make it happen.


Physically coordinating the products into the space. From truck schedules to final walk-thru plus an ongoing process to keep the new space new.

Architectural Walls:

We represent three lines of products to provide interior solutions to build out the interior space so that it meets today's requirement and can be altered in the future.


Recovering existing, old products to repurpose them for the future.

Service All Brands:

We provide full service on all industry brands at any service level required.


We provide construction service for clients that require alterations to their space.  From painting, moving walls, doors, windows, carpet installation, to make our clients' life simple and easy.