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“Love inspires me. It’s such a fierce emotion that can drive so many decisions. My love for my husband and friends inspires me to be selfless. My love for design inspires creativity and unique thought. And my love for myself inspires me to eat great food, do yoga, and to live life to its fullest. All you need is love!”  



Beyonce or The Beatles?
The Beatles

The one with the Friends or The show about nothing?
The one with the Friends

NY style or Chicago deep dish?
All the Pizza, all the ways

Dogs or Cats?

Fun in the Sun or couch on a rainy day?
Couch on a rainy day

Melt in your mouth, not in your hand or Taste the Rainbow?
Melt in your mouth, not in your hand

Homeruns or Touchdowns?

Brunch with friends or Fancy dinner date?
Brunch with friends

Game night or night on the town?
Game night

Lightsabers or Wands?