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“Whenever I need inspiration, I always find it in a good book. Sometimes that book is a work of fiction. What’s more inspiring than an incredible story of adventure and the perseverance of the human spirit? Sometimes that book comes from the self-help genre, inspiring me to think differently and enact change in my life. Sometimes that book is the Bible. Reading scripture reminds me that all things are possible with God. Other times, the inspiration I need is in a textbook. The pursuit of knowledge can be the first step to spark an idea and help you find the perfect solution.”



Starbucks or Diner Coffee?
Yes, just no decaf, please

Snow Boots or Sandals?

iOS or Android?

Cookies or Cake?

Early Bird or Night Owl?
Neither… I like sleep

Wine & Cheese or Beer & Nuts?
Wine & Cheese

Flats or Heels?

Cat or Dog Person?
Cat Person, definitely!

Sooners or Cowboys?
Boomer Sooner!

Form or Function?