Deoxyribonucleic acid, a self-replicating material, is present in nearly all living organisms. The main constituent of chromosomes, it is the carrier of genetic information. These blocks establish gene patterns that dictate your outcomes, and in some ways, your destiny. Your DNA sets you apart, distinguishes you from all others. In corporate terms, it is what makes your company different from all of your competitors. It is the sole reason why what works for one company may cause ruin in another. To be more specific, how you understand the elements of your corporate DNA and enhance those elements can mean the difference in excelling and just existing. These elements are strongly influenced by your culture, people, facilities, and self-image. Because unlike the DNA of living organisms, corporate DNA is under constant change. Things like technology, generational convergence, societal changes, even stress, can alter your ability to excel.

When designing interiors, if the corporate DNA is ignored, then you will never achieve the desired results. Understanding you is the first step in being a better you.

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